We offer solutions and services adapted to each customer’s needs.
Throughout its long years of history, ID-Systems has developed original, user-friendly solutions for the industrial and university sectors. Providing solutions to complex problems.


Communication has the greatest effect on the success or failure of an outsourcing project. Additionally, offshore development has weak spots that come from culture differences and distance from the business.

This leads to an increase in likelihood of building the wrong functionality as miscommunications occur over requirements.

Our analysts assist our customers on the most critical initial and final stages of the project, helping clients to redirect their own resources towards their highest value-creating activities, their core competencies. Therefore we help to achieve better operational efficiency and better return on investment.

When 50% of the code has been developed for the project we make available 'an ambassador', who is a direct contact for our clients and able to meet face-to-face with our clients and the development team. Thus building personal relationships and providing the important communication link.